Try Outs

Welcome to the EESC Tryouts for the 2020/21 season!  We are excited that you have made the decision to join or continue your child’s development with our club.  We would like to assure you that you and your player are in capable hands as we pride ourselves on our professionalism and effective player development.

The below tryout schedule is contingent upon reopening phases and state and CDC mandates. Please note that field locations may change. Please also note that we are spreading tryouts out over multiple days and multiple locations to maximize player safety and follow state guidelines on social gatherings.

***All players MUST register for tryouts below.***

  • WUSL - Wilson United Soccer League - 808 Castle Heights Ave, Lebanon, TN 37087
  • HUMC - Hermitage United Methodist Church  -  4250 Andrew Jackson Parkway, Hermitage, TN, 37076
  • Green Hill Baptist Church - 13251 Lebanon Road, Mt Juliet, 37122
  • Friendship Christian School - 5400 Coles Ferry Pike, Lebanon, TN 37087 

WEATHER UPDATES - For updates on weather please go to our facebook page at.....

Boys Team Selection

DOB Date Time Location
2002 6/16 & 6/18 6.00pm  WUSL
2003 6/16 & 6/18 6.00pm WUSL
2004 6/16 & 6/18 6.00pm  WUSL
2005 6/15 & 6/17 5.30pm  HUMC
2006 6/15 & 6/17 5.30pm  WUSL
2007 6/15 & 6/17 5.30pm  WUSL
2008 6/15 & 6/17 5.30pm  WUSL
2009 6/15 & 6/17 5.30pm  WUSL
2010 6/16 & 6/18 5.30pm  WUSL
2011 6/23 & 6/25 5.30pm  WUSL
2012 6/23 & 6/25 5.30pm  WUSL
2013 6/23 & 6/25 5.30pm WUSL

Girls Team Selection

DOB Date Time Location
2003 6/19 only 5:30pm WUSL
2004 6/19 only 5:30pm WUSL
2005 6/19 only 5:30pm WUSL
2007 6/15 & 6/17 5:30pm Friendship Chr.
2008 6/15 & 6/17 5:30pm Friendship Chr.
2009 6/16 & 6/18 5:30pm HUMC
2010 6/16 & 6/18 5:30pm HUMC
2011 6/22 & 6/24 5:30pm WUSL
2012 6/22 & 6/24 5:30pm WUSL

Try Outs Registration Form

All players MUST register below to attend tryouts. Frequently asked questions are below.

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Questions and Answers

When are tryouts?

As of now, tryouts for the 2020/21 season will be this coming May and June. To view the tryouts schedule, CLICK HERE ( Please note that the dates could change due to COVID-19.

Where do I register for Travel Tryouts?

Registration is now open. Click on "Tryouts" found the EESC homepage:

Who should try out?

Travel soccer is for the committed player who wants a challenge in order to grow and develop as a player. If your child has a passion and talent for soccer and is willing to commit to playing soccer 5-7 hours per week for BOTH the fall and spring seasons, he or she is ready for travel soccer. As a note, high school aged boys play travel in the fall only, and high school girls play travel in the spring only, due to their school seasons. While recreational soccer leagues are great for introducing the game, travel soccer is the best pathway for more advanced development of one’s skills. Most starters on high school teams and virtually all college players were travel players.

Our child is new to the travel soccer program. How do I find out more about the program and your philosophy? Parents who are new to our club are required to attend a meeting held at the beginning of the season. Darren Laver (Director of Coaching), club coaches, and board members will be on hand to discuss EESC travel soccer and answer your questions.

CLICK HERE to view a breakdown of our club’s curriculum – “Pathway to Excellence.” If you have more immediate questions, please click on “Contact us” on the website.

How are teams formed?

Teams are formed based on birth year. For example, there will be a team(s) consisting of players born in 2011, a team(s) of players born in 2010, a team(s) of players born in 2009, and so on. If a player is deemed by the DOC/coaches to be advanced (or in special situations), this player could be asked to “play up” in an older age group. Per state and national rules, a player cannot play in a younger age group than his/her birth year.

What is the procedure for tryouts?

Before your child can try out, parents must register him/her – CLICK HERE (

Players should wear a white/light colored shirt, dark colored shorts, socks, shin guards, and soccer cleats. Be sure to bring a ball and plenty of water.

During tryouts, players will participate in several activities, such as 1v1s, small-sided games (2v2, 3v3, etc.), and full-field scrimmages, such that their skills, decision-making, and athleticism can be evaluated. The team’s coach and several other club coaches will be involved in the evaluation process for each age group.

Should my child attend all tryouts?

Players are expected to attend both tryout sessions. If there is an unavoidable conflict preventing your child from attending both sessions, you must still complete the online registration for tryouts and indicate the day(s) that your child cannot attend. Also, please email Darren Laver HERE ( to let him know that your child will not attend and the reason for the absence. If your child is unable to attend both sessions, he/she may be asked to attend another evening for evaluation purposes.

When will my child be notified about tryout results?

Players will be notified via email or phone within three days of the completion of tryouts.

My child is already on a travel soccer team. Is it necessary for him/her to try out again?

Yes! All players must attend tryouts each year. If a current player does not attend tryouts, he or she will not be placed on a team. Exceptions will only be made in extenuating circumstances (i.e., injuries, family emergencies, etc.).

Will returning players be placed on the same team they play for this year?

Not necessarily. Players develop at different paces. As such, team placement can change from one year to the next.

Can players be moved to different teams during a season or between the fall and spring?

Yes. Team coaches and the club’s Director of Coaching want to see each player develop and reach his/her full potential. In some cases, this involves moving a player to a team that best fits their skill level.

I understand that travel soccer is a two-season sport, but what if my child does not want to play travel soccer in the spring?

Travel soccer is comprised of fall and spring seasons for the U14 and younger age groups. If you know that your child will not be playing travel soccer both seasons, you should consider placing your child in a recreational program, such as with our excellent partner – Wilson United Soccer League (WUSL). This will enable us to create more stable travel teams over the fall and spring seasons and minimize roster disruptions.

Is there a parent volunteer requirement?

While there are no specific requirements, parent volunteers are essential for the success of all travel clubs. Opportunities to help will be communicated through the EESC website and emails.

I would like to volunteer to help the EESC. How do I sign up? Terrific! Please contact us at HERE (

How much does travel soccer cost?

Total costs for each season range from about $300-$500 based on the number of games (friendlies and/or tournaments) a team chooses to play and the number of players per team. These fees do NOT include the cost of a uniform, which is about $125 and typically lasts for two years. Some of our older teams (U13 and above) may pay slightly more if they choose to become more competitive and travel more or enter more prestigious tournaments, such as college showcases.

While these fees are higher than what you would pay for rec soccer, they are much lower than most travel soccer clubs and other travel sports. These fees provide the following: registration with the Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA), two nights of practice each week with a trained/experienced coach, and 15-25 games per season. These fees also cover the overall costs for EESC, including field leases and maintenance, staff, insurance, equipment purchases, etc. *Fees do not cover the costs of hotels if a team chooses to play an out-of-area tournament.

How many practices are there per week?

Typically, teams practice two times per week during the fall and spring seasons.

How many games will teams play per season, and where will they be played (i.e., how much travel is involved)?

The number of games played each season can vary widely from team to team. Specifically, each team is free to set their own schedule by contacting other clubs for friendlies or entering tournaments. Teams often play 15-25 games per season. Weather can certainly affect the number of games played. While most games (friendlies and/or tournaments) are in Middle Tennessee, travel outside of the area could occur. These decisions are made on a team-by-team basis by the coach and manager (typically with some input from parents).