Team Coaches and Contact Information

Last updated: June 25, 2019.

Team Age Group Coach Assistant(s) Manager(s) Contact Email
02 Boys Red U18 Terrence Mashboro  Michelle Conn Sue Sefers
03 Boys Red U17  Jason Schultz Barry VonLobstein Bach Anderson
03/04 Girls U17 Terrence Mashboro   Tiffany Lohner  
04 Boys Red U16 Eric Montufar Ricky Perez  TBD  
05 Boys Black U15 Baylor Mckay - Jea Agee

05 Boys Red U15 Chris Prybilla   Dana Hix

06 Boys Red U14 Jonathan Picken   Andy White  
07 Boys Red U13 Bill Putman   Patrice Echols

07 Boys White U13      


07 Girls Red U13 Sean Stake  Jack Matheson Michelle McQueen

08 Boys Red U12 Matt Sutherland

08 Girls Red U11 Mike Moore Jason Daley April Jackson

09 Boys Black U11 Marty Owens Alex Fierra

09 Boys Red U11 Brian McNamara

 09 Girls Red U11 Cassandra Voiles  Roberto Alvarado Ray Akers

10 Boys Red U10 Mark Dunn

10 Girls Red U10 Megan Donohue   April Jackson
11 Boys Red U9 Jay Hitt Cody Means

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