Coaching Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our focus is on player development, and our goal is to provide quality and progressive soccer instruction that builds and grows both individual and team foundations and strengths while providing skilled players an advanced and competitive environment in which to excel.

As a club, you need to set the stage for learning. We have proposed a pathway to excellence as one of the most effective ways of setting the right tone for your learning/coaching sessions. This pathway deliberately takes a developmental approach that goes beyond basic skill acquisition. Instead, it focuses on developing the player for the future.

Summarily, you want your players to become their life coach even when the coach is not present. By following and routinely demonstrating the good habits of coaching, you will eventually influence your player with these positive attributes. Once the qualities stick, they tend to last a lifetime. To do this, we prioritize contextual learning which is centered on the player and is mainly based on games.

Children love to play, and you should use this to attract them to soccer. We don’t mean purposeless play, but rather purposeful and directional play. The players solve problems as they play and they gradually inculcate the habit of problem-solving.

Although the notion of a pathway to excellence looks simple, it is anything but simplistic. We drew from a series of philosophies, theories, paradigms, models, and concepts to come up with an approach proven to enhance learning within specific settings. Soccer coaching has transitioned from a stand-alone and conservative approach to one that is embracing related fields such as sports science, child psychology, cultural studies, medicine, biology, and human development.

One of the most important attributes to our club is to always keep up with the modern game and coaching. We must constantly keep up with the latest ideas on sports coaching. 

Pathway to Excellence

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